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Susy Botello was interviewed by Hall H Show podcast November 30, 2016 which is hosted by Aaron Nabus & Alex Benedicto. Aaron and Alex host an awesome podcast show in which they interview many celebrities in the comics and entertainment industry, including comics artists and comic convention participants. Needless to say, it was an honor to be a part of their podcast. You can support them by subscribing to their podcast show!

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Episode 4: Podcast – Susan Botello (The Magic of Mobile Films) by

Episode 12: Podcast – International Mobil Film Festival 2017 (Preview) by

Episode 39: Podcast – International Mobile Film Festival 2018 (Preview) by

Go to podcast with Susan Botello at Hall H Show

Other Appearances:

Susy Botello and SBP Brand Ambassador Aaron Nabus were interviewed by Under The Capes podcast published April 4, 2018.

Episode 37: Podcast – International Mobile Film Festival by

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