Smartphone Video For The Entrepreneur

If you are a filmmaker, you are your own brand. If you have a business, then you have a brand. Video is popular because it’s one of the best ways to promote your brand’s story or message and product. Filmmakers need to promote their products which are their films.

Our guest has built a brand around her skills making films by empowering entrepreneurs. She teaches “solopreneurs” on making smartphone videos.

Francesca Jago Get Ahead Media Photo smaller
Francesca Jago, founder of Get Ahead Media.

In Episode 13 of SBP Podcast Mobile Film, we discuss running a small business using a smartphone to create great videos to promote your business and brand in-depth.

Get Ahead Media is a great resource for businesses because you can access eBooks, Video Tips and Workshops. If you are a novice in making videos with your smartphone or if you are ready to invest in this trending effective practice, there is a lot there for you to learn from.

  • Do you need a script?
  • What is the best way to shoot yourself in a video?
  • What about capturing good audio?
  • How do you stabilize your video?
  • Do you need apps to shoot or edit?

This episode is a lot of fun and entertaining to listen to and you will learn a lot of insights. It’s 2018. Maybe it’s time for you to jump in on the smartphone video trend and promote your brand!

Don’t miss the bonus podcast for our patrons on Patreon with her excellent step-by-step advice and tips for making great live videos on social media, particularly Facebook. You can access the bonus podcast at

Watch this short video from Francesca Jago on Smartphone Video for Businesses and brands:

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