Roundtable San Diego International Mobile Film Festival

MFF2018SanDiego Filmmakers red carpet
IMFF 2018 Filmmakers on the red carpet on April 29, 2018. Top row, left to right: Chuck Copeland, Brian Hennings, Narelle Nash, Anthony Bradley, Pamela Bradley, Miranda J. Mullings. Bottom Row, left to right: Seth Dacio and Prakash Gandhi Natarajan.

The two-day event in San Diego, celebrated mobile filmmaking around the world. Several filmmakers came out to be a part of it in person and we are extremely grateful to them for doing so. Not all filmmakers are able to make the trip and attend so this year, since we host the SBP Podcast to give a voice to the mobile film community, we decided to host this Roundtable discussion about the festival for our listeners around the world, and those who could not come. 

In this roundtable were several of the filmmakers, sponsors and our brand ambassador Aaron Nabus.

The filmmakers are: Brian Hennings and Narelle Nash from Australia, who accepted awards during the red carpet Awards Ceremony participated with Chuck Copeland from Toronto, Prakash Gandhi Natarajan,  and Seth Dacio from San Diego were some of the star filmmakers from the film festival who were able to stay for the roundtable podcast.

IMFF2018Awardees 042918 edited
Festival award winners Brian Hennings and Narelle Nash.

Also with us were Neal and Jana Hallford from Swords and Sorcery Studios and J.R. Thrasher from San Diego Real Estate Veterans who all sponsored our film festival.

The podcast began with an introduction around the table and then everyone spoke about their experience at the film festival from their perspective. These filmmakers were a lot of fun to talk to and had a great sense of humor. It was great hearing from Seth Dacio, one of the youngest filmmakers, still in his teens, about how much he enjoyed the red carpet experience with the Star Wars Steampunk Universe cosplay group escorts. 

Soon after that we held the “Battle of the Phones” session which was lots of fun between Brian and Narelle. We also get to hear the perspective of some of our local sponsors.

The podcast was a nice addition to the festival for everyone who could not make it. It is probably the next best thing to sitting down with some of the people who took part in the festival. 

Hope you enjoy the discussion and subscribe to listen to more coming weekly. 

If this is the first time you have listened to our podcast, feel free to cruise through the previous episodes of our podcast where we have discussions with our guests about mobile film. 

You can listen on iTunes and GooglePlay, Stitcher and other platforms and you can download the episode to listen offline anywhere, including your car, while you drive. 

We want to thank all the filmmakers who were a part of our film festival and whose films were screened.

You can get more details about the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego on the website. 

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