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Why would anyone want to sponsor a film festival where only films shot with smartphones qualify? We asked our sponsors from #MFF2018SanDiego to explain why they sponsored us and have chosen to sponsor it again next year as our guests in episode 35 of our podcast. The International Mobile Film Festival is San Diego’s smartphone film festival and has brought many mobile filmmakers from abroad to our beautiful city.

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Neal and Jana Hallford are experienced in audio production, filmmaking and art. Neal also works in the gaming industry. Their passion for supporting the art industry and the community in San Diego has earned them a lot of respect within the community in San Diego. Neal was making movies with a Super 8 film camera as a kid, just like the protagonist in the film…without the Aliens and train wreck, of course. Jana and Neal are married. They work together and formed Swords and Circuitry Studios which has given them opportunities to create great content such as a film which took part in some film festivals and also as audio producers of Uncharted Regions with some well-known industry professionals such as Gigi Edgley, Tamara Alsaied and Randy Davison also featuring Joe Paulson, Mary Grace Gregg and Larry Nemecek.

We are a part of the film and video community in San Diego because we have been working in the industry for many years before we created the International Mobile Film Festival and it’s a small world of a few million people in San Diego with a tight film community. We were pleased when Neal and Jana offered to sponsor this year’s film festival and so we also asked them to be a part of our Judging Panel, independently. 

IMFF sat 300-124.jpg
Neal and Jana Hallford of Sword & Circuitry Studios receive a certificate of appreciation as sponsors during the International Mobile Film Festival 2018.

But the best way to find out why they are sponsoring our film festival is to ask them to share their story on our public podcasting platform. 

Our guests share their experience and a bit of their biography and their experience in their first mobile film festival experience. They were delighted to make new friends with the attending filmmakers from San Diego and abroad. They were intrigued with the films and were pleased with the event itself. But of course, there is more to that and what they have going on with their latest audio production Uncharted Regions “These Haunted Hills” which will be a part of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

Neal and Jana share lots of in-depth information about their audio production which is a story, produced as a quality film production with only the audio. They have written the script, and mastered the story with special effects and all that is involved to complete a wonderful story with no visuals other than your imagination, guided through their techniques for audio storytelling.

Uncharted Regions SDCC

They are also hosting a panel, which they invited me as host of the SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ and I am honored to be a part of their panel, “Heroes At the Mic.” 

Swords and Circuitry Heroes at the Mic SDCC

If you are attending Comic-Con in San Diego, check out both their panels which take place at the San Diego Central Library inside the Neil Morgan Auditorium. 

SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. Stream or subscribe to episode 35 of the SBP Podcast.

Uncharted Regions “These Haunted Hills” panel takes place on Friday, July 20th at 3pm.

 Heroes At the Mic panel takes place Thursday, July 19th at 1pm.

Follow the Neal and Jana Hallford on social media and their websites below:

Uncharted Regions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnchartedRegions/

Uncharted Regions Website: https://www.unchartedregions.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unchartedregion

Swords and Circuitry Studios on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwordsandCircuitry/

Swords and Circuitry Studios Website: https://www.swordsandcircuitry.com

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/swordscircuitry

Jana Hallford on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JanaHallford

Neal Hallford on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nealiios

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Our Mobile Filmmaking Workshop at San Diego’s Comic-Con International takes place on Friday, July 20th at 1pm. 

If you are attending Comic-Con then you can add it to your schedule through this link on the program: https://comiccon2018.sched.com/event/FVXN

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/231594534108260/

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