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All you need to do is press record! Okay, there is a bit more than that. Our guest in Episode 48 of the SBP Podcast takes us on a tour of the entire process from the idea for the film to the very end. John Woosley shot and edited Alex & The Firefly with a smartphone. The original film was 34 minutes long but he cut it down to almost half for a special screening at the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, where John will also inspire other filmmakers and attendees with a Q&A presentation on mobile filmmaking. 

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John’s film is a teen love story set in 2001, before smartphones. “First Love Changes Everything.” John shares many details of the process from the screenplay to the equipment he used, techniques to accomplish scenes which were challenging. The cool thing about our conversation with John is that he was willing to go into depth and share things with you in a way everyone with an interest in mobile film can understand and appreciate. Professionals and novices alike will appreciate John sharing real challenges during all phases of production from pre-production to post-production. But the tour of the process comes with solutions for each problem. 

alex and the firefly production edit

He names the gear he used to accomplish the look and feel of the film during production and the software he used to shoot and edit. We touched on lenses, a stabilization rig, lightsn and audio which included syncing. He talks about how to create the smooth grain in your films. But that’s not all we discussed. Along with that he took us through the back door to share how he accomplished some things which are really tough to accomplish as a mobile filmmaker. So you too, can accomplish the magic of moviemaking. 

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We hope that you will come out to San Diego April 27 & 28 to meet John Woosley, watch his film and take part in the Q&A presentation. Just don’t forget to bring your phone. #MFF2019SanDiego brings filmmakers from all over the world to our festival to not only watch films but to network and be inspired with presentations, our speakers and special guests, meet and network with filmmakers and industry professionals and enjoy a great event where we celebrate storytelling and filmmaking using smartphones. 

john woosley
John Woosley

A bit about John’s background: John Woosley (Writer/Director, Alex & The Firefly)- John has been making films for over ten years and holds a degree in Film & Theater from The University of Kansas. While attending, John studied with Kevin Willmott (Writer, BlacKkKlansman) and directed his debut feature Angel of Music.  Additional credits include Loves Fate and the web series Fit Trip with Kimber Westphall. All titles can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. John holds an MBA from the University of Missouri in Kansas City and works in management consulting.

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