Get in touch.

We have a rule about your privacy: It’s private. SBP has developed trust over the years by respecting others and our integrity is important to us. We don’t share contact information without permission, ever. We don’t sell it either. We value your privacy.

If you would like to be a guest in our podcast please use the form to contact us and share why we should have you as a guest in our podcast. Our podcast is about the mobile film industry. We will consider filmmakers who are making films using mobile phones and others in the filmmaking industry who can bring valuable information to our listeners with regards to making videos and films using smartphone cameras.

We will also consider using and reviewing filmmaking and video production gear which can be used with smartphones. However, we will also review gear that is for any video and film production which can be useful to mobile filmmaking such as lights, audio, tripods, etc.

If you don’t fit the above mentioned suggestions but you feel you would make a good fit for our podcast, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

SBP Podcast is the voice of mobile film.

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