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Podcasts are available in many countries and they don’t cost anything. They are available to you online and offline. You can listen to them in your car or during an exercise routine. You can listen on your desktop computer or in your notebook or smartphone. They are intimate. An entertaining and informative discussion between people discussing topics about mobile filmmaking. The kinds of discussions you may hear between people at a coffee shop where you want to be a part of it but you don’t want to interrupt. They are for you as a gift. We hope that they inspire you, inform you, motivate you and interest you.

We began creating a platform for films shot with mobile phones in early 2009 and it was one we felt was important to bring about respect for filmmakers using phone cameras. That is because we emphasized a traditional venue where only films shot with phones would screen on a big screen and filmmakers would be worthy of the red carpet awards ceremony. It was a genuinely equal arena because only films shot with mobile phones qualified, and that is still the case. We are very passionate about growing the global community of mobile filmmakers using smartphone cameras because they are the most available camera in the entire world.

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  • The Science Of Music In Films Shot With Smartphones Bonus SBP Podcast Mobile Film with Claudinho Andres
  • Live Video Social Media Bonus SBP PodcastMobile Film with Francesca Jago
  • How To Direct And Act In Your Own Film Bonus SBP Podcast Mobile Film with Blake Worrell
  • Comic-Con Tips New Year’s Eve Special Bonus SBP Podcast Mobile Film with Aaron Nabus
  • Directing Essentials for the Novice Bonus SBP Podcast Mobile Film with Mithran Maharajan
  • VR Filmmaking Bonus SBP Podcast Mobile Film with Aris Tyros
  • Bonus Podcast Cinematography With A Smartphone Chris Stollery
  • Bonus Podcast Shooting Hollywood With An iPhone Brian McLane
  • Exclusive Podcast for Patrons The 180 Degree Rule in Filmmaking Jeffrey Turboff
  • Exclusive Podcast for Patrons Getting Professional Actors for Mobile Films Avaah Blackwell

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